Now that Netflix, Movistar +, Amazon Prime and the rest of the platforms present us with attractive, varied and very cinematographic documentaries, we want to make a series of recommendations so that, in addition to savoring gastronomy, you can experience it from within the hand of great directors and chefs.

We have grouped documentaries for all tastes and from all over the world, paying special attention to Spain and nearby lands. We hope you find it interesting!

The theater of life

Starring the well-known chef Massimo Bottura, referenced by Matteo Manzato in one of his interviews, this documentary deals with food waste in the hospitality sector and the solutions to this reality. Bottura undertakes a project to reuse and take advantage of food for sustainable and solidarity purposes, since the recipients of these new recipes are homeless people.

In addition to opening our minds and making us understand how necessary these measures are, documentaries like this one bring us closer to relevant characters such as the protagonist and other collaborating chefs, in this case such as Ferrán Adriá and René Redzepi.

Snacks, bites of a revolution

This documentary is presented with a phrase by Joan Roca: “We cooks believed that we could change the world and we have done it.”

What has happened in the kitchen in recent years? Who sowed the seed of this revolution? What were the first steps to arrive at a new, great, original and groundbreaking gastronomy? The architects of this revolution, among them Ferrán Adriá, Eneko Atxa, Carmen Ruscalleda and Quique Dacosta give their testimonies.

Chef’s diaries: Scotland

The Roca family name reappears in this documentary, where they are the protagonists together with Scotland, a true gastronomic power to discover.

The brothers impose a responsibility on themselves, to recover and make known the Scottish tradition, to give value to the local product and, the most difficult thing, to show it to the Scots themselves.

The value of documentaries like this is to discover the essence of hidden places and immerse ourselves in creating a menu from scratch.

Cross country

This film gives us the chance to get to know the daily life of Mugaritz, one of the best 10 restaurants in the world according to the British magazine Restaurant Magazine.

With philosophical touches, we meet a multidisciplinary team willing to break the boundaries of gastronomy, to exceed expectations and to constantly destroy and recreate itself so as not to leave anyone indifferent.

The Heat: A Kitchen (R)evolution

The feminist movement has managed to give voice to many anonymous women, and the world of gastronomy has also rebelled and has put names and faces to many great cooks until now unknown.

More documentaries like this one are needed, in which 7 masters of the kitchen are presented who have spearheaded change within kitchens and where overshadowed data on female achievements in the sector are known.

Sour grapes

Dizzying chronicle of a fascinating fraud case involving the world of wine and the con man who misled millions of investors. Find out the rest for yourself 🙂

Jaén, virgen & extra

We know from within the production of olive oil, its commercialization and its enhancement from the hand of its protagonists. Peasants, olive experts and so on until reaching 70 personalities from the olive oil sector.