Valentine’s is one of our favorite dates of the year. There is a great commotion, the streets, shop windows and restaurants are dressed in red and we ourselves feel more affectionate, more dedicated and even … more ardent?

Love and passion always go hand in hand and together they lead us to live memorable experiences, have fun and try new things. And speaking of trying … what do you think if you dare to try some aphrodisiac foods? What if you put a little spice in your relationship with gastronomy?

Although the best Valentine’s menu is, immovably, the proposal that our chef Matteo Manzato has made for this year (Tuna and avocado tartare, tagliatelle with seafood, an irresistible Iberian prey and a dessert to melt …), February has many days to experiment, so we want to recommend some ingredients!

And now, after you have fallen in love with our Valentine’s menu, we proceed to see our selection of the most aphrodisiac ingredients, which join the already known as oysters, seafood or strawberries:

Valentine and chocolate

Chocolate is also a classic among aphrodisiac ingredients and flavors, and is also very present on Valentine’s Day. And we say classic because it has been linked to sex since ancient times, as when in the 16th century it was said that Emperor Moctezuma (Mexico) fulfilled his marital obligations with his entire harem thanks to a few cups of chocolate that he drank at his banquets.

This relationship spread throughout the world and at different times until today, where science has confirmed that this effect is caused because eating chocolate helps our body to release endorphins and other substances that activate us, make us feel happy and full. of energy.


We continue with a sweet Valentine’s Day thanks to this ingredient, more present in the aphrodisiac world than we think. Why do you think the couple go on a “honeymoon” after they are married?

This dates back to ancient Norse cultures, where the groom was made to drink beer with honey or mead to increase his energy and fertility and reduce his inhibition thanks to the alcohol they contained.

Today honey is recommended to combat sexual fatigue, erectile dysfunction and sterility, as it has a high content of vitamin B and C and increases the production of hormones.

Valentine fruits: avocado and banana

It is curious (and even a bit of a laugh) that fruits like avocado and banana, with the shapes they have, are considered aphrodisiacs and also for men! Perhaps its shape was what pushed our ancestors to try it, but science certifies that they do have a strong exciting component.

The avocado provides us with vitamins D and E, a source of energy, and the banana, for its part, contains potassium, magnesium and vitamin B, perfect for increasing libido in men.

Raspberries and dates

These fruits are especially suitable for women who want to revive their sexual desire. We all know that dates, being so caloric, are a very powerful source of energy, and raspberries act as a passion enhancer and muscle relaxant, perfect to enjoy an unforgettable night.

Red wine

We are not forgetting our wine lovers, we have good news for you too! Red wine, taken in moderation, can be an essential ingredient for a romantic, fun and passionate Valentine’s Day. There are many reasons why it becomes an aphrodisiac: it is an excellent vasodilator, increases testosterone levels, gives us a feeling of relaxation and, of course, helps us to disinhibit. It is perfect!