• 16

    Crispy lasagna with baby goat from Málaga

    Allergens: Celery, sulfites, dairy, egg and gluten
  • Homemade pumpking dumpling, gorgonzola and iberian pork jowl

  • 16

    Homemade ravioli stuffed with sausage from Malaga, parmesan, Modena and sage

    Allergens: Dairy, sulfites, egg, celery and gluten
  • 20

    Spaghetti Monograno Felicetti with truffled carbonara

    Allergens: Egg, gluten, milk
  • 18

    Linguine, basil and aloreñas olives pesto with sea bass tartar

  • Homemade potatoes dumpling with red prawn, almond from Malaga and saffron

    Allergens: Nuts, celery, gluten, egg and crustaceans
  • 20

    Homemade tagliatelle, red mullet and leek

  • 18

    Homemade tagliatelle with duck stew

  • 16€/pers.

    Risotto with squid and its ink (Min. 2 people)

    Allergens: Sulphites, mollusks, celery, egg and dairy
  • 18/pers.

    Risotto, saffron, red shrimps and licorice (min. 2 people)

  • 20/pax.

    Wild mushrooms ans truffle risotto (min. 2 people)