One of the biggest fears of starting a new year is resolutions. Exercise, save more, achieve job improvements and, of course, the diet to leave behind the nougat and excesses of Christmas. If you have started a diet we have several recommendations for you:

  • Do it with a nutritionist with analyze the needs of our body
  • Accompany it as much as possible by physical exercise, the results will be more noticeable and you will feel much better immediately
  • Complement it with a specialty from Venetiis Restaurant, we have very low calorie dishes waiting for you!

1. Duck carpaccio with fresh Italian truffle

Duck meat is highly valued not only for its exquisite flavor, but because it is one of the healthiest poultry meats, as it is rich in zinc, phosphorus and iron, and helps to strengthen the immune system and repair cells of the body.

If we add these qualities with the texture of fresh Italian truffle, you will feel how your body enjoys and strengthens at the same time.

2. On a diet with our warm caprese

An example of how simplicity can make us float. Our caprese is composed, as tradition indicates, of seasonal tomato and fresh mozzarella. Don’t be alarmed! Mozarella, along with ricotta or feta cheese, is one of the least fattening dairy products, so you can enjoy it with complete confidence!

3. Octopus carpaccio with leek puree and modena mayonnaise

The lightness of the octopus slices in this carpaccio will make you feel better than ever. Leek puree and smooth mayonnaise are the perfect complement to a flavorful, low-calorie dish.

4. Salmon with guacamole, cherry tomato and pack choy

Salmon is an excellent alternative to lose weight at the same time that we nourish the body properly. Despite being a complex fish to cook, it is very easily combined with other products, and guacamole, cherry tomato and pack choy make up a delicious, nutritious and low calorie dish.

5. Red tuna tartare with avocado, cucumber, ginger and soy (slightly spicy)

In this dish we find a mix of ingredients linked to a healthy and healthy life, which makes it an ideal option to complement our diet without consuming too many calories or breaking the balance we have achieved, it is our special recommendation!

6. Malaga suckling goat chops for diet

Grilled or grilled meat has always been ideal for weight loss diets. They do not require sauces or other dressings, the powerful flavor of the goat is more than enough for a good meat eater.