If there is an international benchmark award for chefs and restaurants, that is the Michelin star. Reaching it is a goal that everyone has set themselves on occasion, and let’s not even talk about the second and third.

Do you know what exactly this recognition consists of? In this post we are going to teach you everything you need to know to calm your curiosity.

History of the Michelin star

With the popularization of the car and therefore the sale of tires, André Michelin realized that all those new travelers needed to know where to find a doctor or places to eat or sleep on their trip. For this reason, he created an advertising guide that gave all his clients maps and outstanding services.

Seeing the success of these guides and based on the demand of its customers, in 1920 it included a selection of recommended restaurants. This idea was developed to create the concept of a Michelin star, and in 1931 the division between 1, 2 or 3 Michelin stars was already generated, with which it was intended to scale the quality of the aforementioned restaurants.

How do you get a Michelin star?

For this task loaded with responsibility, the figure of the inspector has been created. They are people who, under anonymity, visit restaurants that may be good candidates for the award. They are not presented for different reasons, including living the experience of the place like any other diner. In this way they ensure that they do not receive special treatment or are not bribed so that their valuation is better than it should be.

These inspectors have special training in gastronomy schools and must have at least 5 years of experience to be able to award an award of this caliber. The criteria that follow to select a restaurant or a chef have evolved. Initially they were based only on the final dish, but now, they say, it is also important “the personality of the chef and how he transmits through his menu”, the value for money, the gastronomic techniques used and small details that make up the atmosphere of the restaurant place.

One, two and even three Michelin stars

The classification of these awards allows us to differentiate the distinguished restaurants.

  • A Michelin star: It is achieved after 4 visits by the inspectors, and having it means that the place is very good within its category and that it has national fame.
  • Two Michelin stars: It is achieved after 10 visits and having it means that it is a first-class restaurant or chef in its type of cuisine, it has worldwide recognition and receives international diners.
  • Three Michelin stars: It is achieved after the meticulous scrutiny of international inspectors, and having it is synonymous with being among the best in the world, as much as to justify a trip just to eat there.

Venetiis and its future

To say that achieving a Michelin star for Venetiis Restaurant is not a goal of our chef would be a lie. Our way of working, as you well know, is to offer you the best quality with the richest products on the market and careful elaborations to the smallest detail, treat the client in the most exquisite way and maintain a comfortable atmosphere in the room.

And we do not do all this in case an inspector selects us one day, but to guarantee you a unique experience and because things, if they are done, must be done well, we do not know how to run a restaurant in any other way!

Will we ever get a Michelin star? That will tell the future, but we will always offer the best to be worthy of it.