One of the great things about our profession and sector is sharing with the public what we are most passionate about, what we discover after hours of study, what emerges in the kitchen every day. In addition, there are those who have that gift of communication, that right word at the right time and all those qualities necessary to give a successful cooking workshop like the one our chef Matteo Manzato gave yesterday at La Térmica, in Malaga Capital.

The attendees, a very enthusiastic group with certain culinary skills, had the opportunity to listen to advice, understand the ins and outs of cooking, experiment with some techniques and, of course, try some of the specialties on our menu.

The recipes chosen were very accurate to show the students that cooking is research and test after test, and that each dish can be simple in concept but with a very laborious preparation.

The first dish, the parmesan pearl, was perfect to teach how to perform the spherification and the preparation of ingredients such as beets, which completely determines this recipe.

Malaga sardines followed with Venetian flavors, where there were techniques as important as smoking, the preparation of raisin gel or the use of the siphon for onion foam.

Main course, our suckling goat lasagna and Malaga mountain cheese. Here the chef stopped to teach how to prepare a perfect fresh pasta, with care, dedication and a lot of humor, following the tone of the entire session. The tasting of this recipe was completely silent, those attending the cooking workshop savored each of the elements in detail and the compliments did not take long to arrive.

 And what was there for dessert? Of course, the tiramisu in the way of Matteo Manzato, a reinvention of the traditional recipe that left no one indifferent.

Cooking workshop, will there be more?

Surely you ask yourself this question after having verified that a cooking workshop at Venetiis Restaurant is an unforgettable experience.

The quick answer, the one that comes out of us right away, is YES. Not only because of the possibility of reaching more public, but because we enjoy them tremendously: Matteo Manzato instructs in this art in a dynamic, passionate, close and fun way, sure remembering all the questions he asked his great-grandmother when he watched her cook and fell in love little by little of this profession.

Perhaps we will repeat with friends from La Térmica, perhaps we will dare to try it in our own restaurant … Be that as it may, we will keep you informed. Stay tuned!