The end of the year is coming and with it new resolutions, which in our restaurant translate into a renewal of the menu, a search for new flavors and the preparation of an innovative and unique Malaga experience.

We must confess that last year we rushed to look for something completely opposite to our style with the Cuban corner, so by 2021 we will continue our line of local and seasonal products.

We completely trust your criteria and the support you have given us over the years, so we ask you to value each of our proposals and send us comments and opinions, they will be great! These are our news for 2021:

– Gazpachuelo like your grandmother’s

Specialty dedicated to our most familiar and nostalgic clients. What warmed up the gazpachuelo of the Malaga grandmother in winter, right? We can get the same flavor! You just have to meet with our chef Matteo Manzato and answer a few simple questions (what flavor stood out in that gazpachuelo, where did the grandmother live, what memories come to mind …) and with innovative gastronomic techniques you will achieve exactly the same flavor.

To make the experience complete and immersive, every 5 minutes he will approach the table to ask “boy, do I fry you an egg?”

– Gourmet camperos

Gourmet farmers Malaga tradition and gourmet quality united between two crunchy and tasty breads … our mouths water! You will find a wide variety, where we highlight the suckling goat campero, the Malaga montes cheese, the typical Italian sausage and even a super exclusive one called “campero lasagna”, with layers, layers and more layers of Italian-Malay flavors.

– Fusion gazpacho

Combining cultures in a plate is something extraordinary, but in a glass it is amazing! This specialty will be available only in summer 2021, and in addition to the classic ingredients (tomato, cucumber, pepper, garlic …) we will add the “guest ingredients”, a careful selection of fruits and vegetables that will change every week. You will want to try them all!

* The gazpacho tastings will take place in a reserved space in our restaurant so that the rest of the guests do not smell garlic when leaving.

– Malaga and Italian roast potato

The roast potato is fundamental in the Malaga diet, and aware of this we have not hesitated to include it in our 2021 menu in many different ways. Roasted potato with Venetian flavors, with pasta and pizza inside and even with authentic Italian ice cream.

– To end the experience

And speaking of ice cream, sweets and desserts … At Venetiis Restaurant we join the Malaga coffee classification and our innovative spirit adds 3 more: coffee with grappa, Martifé (Martini and coffee) and cappuccino with floating crazy cake in the foam.

Do you like our proposal for 2021? If you have comments, ideas or suggestions, write us on social networks! 🙂