This corner of our website is a great tool to inform you of news, tell you curiosities about the world of gastronomy and, above all, to give you good news. This time more than news is news, because finally, after so long wanting it, we can proudly say that Venetiis Restaurant … is part of Sabor a Málaga!

Yesterday we officially received the news when Juan Carlos Maldonado, delegate of Sabor a Málaga and Vice President of the Malaga Provincial Council, paid us a visit together with Enrique Bellver and Paco Lorente. They tried our tasting menu and specialties and together we placed the plate that makes us feel even more united to this land that has always welcomed us so well.

Why is it so important to belong to Sabor a Málaga?

We all know that this land is rich in fruits, vegetables, fish, meats, wines, honeys, sweets and everything that our large volume of producers proposes. Sabor a Málaga is the brand that welcomes the most outstanding for its quality, its innovation, its distinction or its projection over time, and we have been linked to them from the beginning, because we are committed to local and local products. , for the “kilometer 0” concept and for the quality that Malaga gives us.

We only had one more step left to make this bond something unbreakable, and we have finally given it!

What does being Sabor a Malaga mean for us?

This provincial brand offers many advantages to its members, starting with high visibility. Do you remember the great Sabor a Malaga Christmas market? Or the famous routes of the tapa of different municipalities? These and many more are events organized by Sabor a Málaga, and thanks to them the producers are able to reach a much larger audience and the restaurants welcome new and varied diners to their tables. There are also networkings, agreements and many more ways to help us, which in a year like this does not come at all bad!

As we say, before a time as complicated as the one we have lived through, receiving a news like this and having the day-to-day work recognized is a complete recharge of energy. We are very proud of the work of ours, from chef Matteo Manzato to the last of our workers, and if giving our best was the only option, now we do it with much more enthusiasm!

Thanks to the Diputación de Málaga, the Sabor a Málaga board of directors, to all of you who have supported us all these months and who have congratulated us and showed your affection through social networks. A stage full of good things is coming!