This gastronomic tribute has become a delicious tradition in our province. The associations Guadalhorce Turismo y Productores Tomate Huevo Toro del Guadalhorce claim the flavors of our land and the consumption of local products.

Sabor a Málaga, the brand to which our restaurant belongs, has embraced this initiative under the motto “The flavor that unites us”, and more than 60 restaurants throughout the province have committed to giving a special role to this fantastic product in the busiest dates, from July 31 to August 31.

At Venetiis Restaurant we are very excited about this project because we feel closely linked to the concepts of utilization, kilometer 0 and the fusion of ingredients … Our cuisine is based on it!

There are several municipalities that participate, such as Alhaurín de la Torre, Álora, Antequera, Caleta de Vélez or Cártama, and we are the proud representatives of Benalmádena with a proposal, of course, that involves Italian-Malaga gastronomic fusion.


Focaccia is a type of bread made with flour, yeast, oil, salt and water, baked and very versatile with everything you want to add. It is a delicious alternative to bread, it is usually eaten at any time of the day and, as we say, it can be combined in many ways.

In our preparation we integrate the Huevo de Toro Tomato with the rest of the key ingredients in the gastronomic culture of Malaga: salami from Malaga, mango from the Axarquía, olive from Álora, Montes de Malaga fresh cheese and EVOO … all that on a base totally Italian!

We invite you to taste our proposal for The flavor that unites us and that, if you have not tried it yet, you start consuming the Tomato Huevo de Toro, an increasingly prominent and recognized jewel of Malaga.