In Italy, pasta is a staple food, practically every day. For the most demanding diners, it has been necessary to create numerous varieties, all with their different qualities and ways of preparation. In this way, a real world has been created around Italian pasta, and we are going to tell you about the most popular types.

But first … do you know how to distinguish them by the way they are made?

  • To the egg: it is made with eggs and semolina, and has a very striking yellowish color
  • Integral: The flour used for its preparation is completely integral
  • Dry: it is what we find in supermarkets. A drying process is carried out to pack it and its durability is greater
  • Fresh: It does not involve any drying process, and must be kept for a few days and at a temperature above 4º to be able to consume it in perfect condition. It is the one that we serve you in Venetiis Restaurant.
  • Artisanal: like many other products on the market, artisan pasta is one that is prepared exclusively with the hands of one person, without the need for machines.
Tagliatelle Cacio e pepe

Types of pasta by its shape

We all know spaghetti, noodles, macaroni and ravioli, but there are many more modalities, let’s see how many you know of this small selection:

  • Farfalle: In Spain it is known as “lacitos”. Its literal translation is “butterflies”, and it is so called because it reminds them of them.
  • Penne: Cylindrical shaped pasta with a parallel oblique cut at the ends. It is perfect for juicy sauces, as they stay inside.
  • Fusilli: They are known as “spirals”
  • Tortellini: Ring-shaped pasta filled with meat, cheese or vegetables.
  • Rigatoni: Tube shape and ribbed top.
  • Paccheri: Pasta shaped like a tube, but much larger than the others. It is originally from Campania.
  • Strangozzi: Long, thin strips of pasta served crushed
  • Sedanini: A short, curved pasta tube that holds the sauce inside
  • Ziti: Tube-shaped pasta, with the length of spaghetti but with a much larger diameter translation is “butterflies”, and it is so called because it